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San Francisco, Califonia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Book publishing and book writing are two sides to the same coin. Book writing is an innate human passion and book publishing is a vital thing to let that passion get turned into work that can be appreciated as a profession and by the world. We have seen many writers until now who are considered as the best writers of the world but they are many more talented people then the established writers— but their unpublished work makes them masked from the entire world. It is very important for such writers like YOU to find a perfect book writing platform in order to get your talent broadcast across the globe.

Bonzoi is a perfect stage to let your creative work get published without any extra efforts or ultimatums of printing. By turning over to Bonzoi community, you can convert your writing work to an art as Bonzoi offers many more services at its desk to the writers apart from book publishing. Writers must have thought that writing a book and then finding a publisher is really a difficult job but Bonzoi turns it simply easy and quick with its book writing platform.

Bonzoi offers a novel writing art for book collaboration on comic books, short stories, novels, and any medium that invites authors to join on a single book-writing project. When you are writing a book with Bonzoi then it offers the author the option to invite other Bonzoi writers over a single book writing method called book real time collaboration. It is simply offered by Bonzoi and it’s a complete new kind of book writing service ever heard from any publisher in the world.

Bonzoi offers BragBooks Author services to writers, journalists, columnists, etc; who wish to edit and write their new working project. Apart from that, the writers can even be benefited with Blinkroom and Dashboard services that are really great for connecting with authors across the world.

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