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Writing the Book on Automatic Driveway Gates

Automatic Gate Resource Center (AGRC) publishes Automatic Driveway Gates, a primer for consumers and new fence and gate professionals.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Automatic Gate Resource Center (AGRC) has written the book on automatic gates. Available on, Automatic Driveway Gates: Budgeting, Designing, Maintaining, and Installing is a primer on gates for consumers and new fence and gate professionals alike. The book currently holds the distinction of being the only one of its kind.

On Amazon, the book’s description proclaims that it is a guide “for consumers who want to understand the complexities of automatic driveway gate design and installation without wading through the technical mumbo jumbo… Our hope is that you’ll take what you learn in these pages and use it to work in seamless partnership with a quality driveway gate installation company.”

“Every day we hear the same types of questions from new customers: ‘How much does an automatic gate system cost?’; ‘What type of gate would be best for my driveway?’; ‘I don’t even know what my options are,’ they’ll say,” shares Josiah Fuerte, co-founder of Automatic Gate Resource Center. “There hasn't been a central place for consumers to easily find the answers. Before AGRC, everything available online was speaking in the language of a technician and not of a consumer,” he adds.

The reviews on Amazon seem to indicate that consumers are indeed looking for the information on AGRC and in Automatic Driveway Gates.

AGRC was developed with the consumer front of mind. The site’s library of articles answer questions most consumers have about gate systems, are written in a jargon-free style, and lead consumers by the hand through the, up-until-now, esoteric world of automated gates. Although Automatic Driveway Gates borrows from the many articles on AGRC, much of the content is new or completely revised, and the book lays out, in logical order, the steps to designing and installing a safe and ideal gate system.

Fuerte has been an automated gate installer for nearly two decades, running his own gate installation business for the most recent ten years. He noticed that, although customers were finding gate installation companies online, ironically, they weren't finding the answers they needed online to design and price out a safe gate system and to make educated purchases. He co-founded Automatic Gate Resource Center and co-wrote Automatic Driveway Gates with his business partner partly as a way to solve this problem.

Automatic Driveway Gates will soon be available digitally on Google Play,, and iTunes, among other online bookstores, as well as in paperback.

On AGRC’s website, along with educating consumers on automatic gates, gate system installers, manufacturers, and distributors share and gain access to tips, instructions, and online training on equipment, installation, and technical and sales issues. The subscription-based gate professional community and education portal is set to officially tee off at FenceTech, a fence and gate industry tradeshow held this year in Las Vegas from March 6-8, 2014.

Automatic Driveway Gates: Budgeting, Designing, Maintaining, and Installing can be purchased on Amazon.

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