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Central Region, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- The internet saw a great boom in the 90s and since then has witnessed amazing growth. Any business, medium or a large scale heavily relies on the power of the internet. For a customer or a web browser to locate someone, there needs to be an address on the internet. This address is the business owner’s domain name. A domain name is a unique identity which helps in the business or a process getting identified on the internet. The domain names are the most sought after names on the web and for its uniqueness, people are ready to shell out a lot of money. The domain name has to be such that it is easily located and identifiable by the customer and other web browsers. There are more than 34 million domain names which are registered all across the world. With a number of service providers dealing in the domain name, it is predicted that there would be 500 million names in the coming decade. Global domains international Inc. is a recognised global entity that deals in the domain names and is extremely popular.

WS, short for website is a unique service on the internet that helps people all around the world to find a perfect domain name and is extremely affordable too. One just needs to log onto the website, create a name, lookout for a sponsor, find out the GDI calculator for one’s income and look out for the best opportunities in terms of income. One can easily earn from the comfort of their living rooms. Mike and Alan the brainchild behind GDI are extremely talented and have created a plethora of opportunities for people all across the globe. Unlimited business and income opportunities can be created through WS and GDI and all one needs to do is get registered with them and start. “I am amazed to see my income getting doubled by getting registered with WS, GDI”, says Mike. “It is a great opportunity for start-ups and people who wish to start on their own. GDI creates ample opportunities by utilising the power of the internet”, says Mike, the man behind GDI and WS. All one needs to do is get connected and find the right opportunity for themselves.

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