WuffitMix Unveils Extended Range of Premium Dog Food

...now there’s even more selection when it comes to purchasing premium dog food


Lancashire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- One of the best premium dog food brands in the country has today unveiled their extended range. People all over the UK have been using products sold by this company since the 1960s, and that should tell a lot about the quality and nutritional benefits one can expect from their dry food solutions. Indeed, one look at their website will highlight some of the many reasons why making the switch to WuffitMix’s new range is considered to be a good idea.

Owned by Dugdale Nutrition, this family business became one of the UK’s most reputable and respected animal feed producers in a very short amount of time. With some of the most innovative and nutritious dry food solutions for dogs, they soon carved out their niche and helped to satisfy pet owners all over the country. During the 1987 Crufts event, they made international headlines with their trade stand that featured an interactive animated dog called Duggie that inspired audiences and news crews from around the world. That increased the demand for WuffitMix products considerably, and operations soon stepped up a gear.

After joining forces with the National Canine Defence League during the 1990s, this company soon became a household name that thousands of customers in the UK learned to trust. Their products are always made to the highest standards with the health of the dog in mind so pet owners can be rest assured that feeding their family pet any of the foodstuffs in their range is going to make him one happy chappie.

There are many reasons why dry dog food is preferable to the wet alternative, but the most prominent relates to the cost and ease of storage. People can buy dry food in bulk because it has a much longer use-by date and WuffitMix offer amazing deals when purchasing multiple items. For example, at the current time people can purchase two bags of their renowned Silver Flake solution for only £30. Not bad eh?

With all this in mind, if one would like to get in touch with WuffitMix to discuss their products or ask any niggling questions, their customer service team are always ready to answer the telephone or write emails to satisfy any concerns one might have. All the contact information needed can be found below this paragraph or on the WuffitMix website, so don’t hesitate to drop them a line. At the end of the day, people will want to ensure their dog receives the best possible food products in circulation, and this is the most suitable place to start.

For media information contact:

Dugdale Nutrition
Bellman Mill

Phone: 01200 420222

Email: andy@dualmedia.co.uk or use the form on their website