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Www ePayDay.com Offers Payday Loans to Bad Credit, Poor Credit or No Credit Prospects


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- www ePayDay.com has recently mentioned that they offer payday loans to people who have a bad credit, poor credit or no credit. www ePayDay.com further informed that they do not base their provision of loans according to the credit of individuals rather they work with the current situation of the client and find means to assist them in getting payday loans. www ePayDay.com also offers instant approvals and around the clock service.

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The media spokesperson of www ePayDay.com quoted on how they offer their clients loans regardless of their credit situation, “The purpose of Payday Loans is to provide financial assistance swiftly and without any hassle. However, many payday loan providers are performing extensive background checks and are not offering loans unless they are absolutely sure that there is no risk involved. In simpler terms once again the focus is on profits rather than the service. At www ePayDay.com we believe that anyone who is employed and is getting a fixed income should get a payday loan without any unnecessary delays and despite any previous financial slumps. At www ePayDay.com we are offering our service to anyone with a job and we ensure quick processing and hassle free payday loan provision.”

www ePayDay.com has a quick online application form upon the completion of which the interested prospect will get a phone call for clarification of the details and confirmation of the loan. www ePayDay.com informed that all they require is a completely honest application from their clients as finding a loan despite poor financial profile is their job. The company further elaborated that they have tie-ups with numerous reputed lenders who are willing to offer financial assistance despite poor credit.

www ePayDay.com also provides an upfront processing fee to clarify the amount that will be required to be paid back. Even though there is no additional fees for applications by www ePayDay.com, this processing fees is inclusive of the interest rate that will be need to be paid. The maximum amount that can be borrowed is $1000 however www ePayDay.com stated that this amount is entirely dependent on the profile of the prospect and can vary accordingly.

About www ePayDay.com
www ePayDay.com is one of the leading companies in providing payday loans. Through their online platform, www ePayDay.com, prospects with a stable income can avail payday loans despite bad credit. The company is known for its exceptional customer support and for their instant approvals of loans.

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