Itsuwa Electronic Co., LTD Declares Itsuwa Electronic Co. Ltd As the Most Reliable Electronic Cigarette Suppliers

Electronic cigarettes Suppliers being unreliable and fraud in many cases, announces its association with reliable e-cigarette producing company.


Itsuwa, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes Suppliers being unreliable and fraud in many cases, announces its association with reliable e-cigarette producing company. This website happily declares that the company Itsuwa Electronic Co., LTD has a reputation of using comparatively less amount of diethyl glycol as its anti freezing component. This makes the users of these electronic cigarettes less prone to asthma.

Itsuwa Electronic Co., LTD is the promoted company on having its existence in the world of electronic cigarette making for the last six years. Collaboration with five companies in Europe, more than ten companies in America has given customers all over the world to this electronic cigarette producing company.

Electronic cigarettes suppliers are found all over the globe but Itsuwa Electronic Co., LTD believes in the theory of “Quality First”. Hence one can be absolutely sure about the benefits associated with the electronic cigarettes supplied by this company.

Health Smoke V-GO E-cigarettes, Rocket 580 Electronic cigarettes, Mini 5809 Blister Packet Kits, Mini Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Drivers are a few product sub divisions promoted by . Quitting smoking becomes easier with the use of electronic cigarettes and this company accounts for one of the most beneficial one in this regard

Itsuwa Electronic Co., LTD on their website shows their reputation of making reliable electronic cigarettes with no tobacco and almost zero percentage nicotine content. One can Click Here on the link provided regarding all the necessary information regarding the products associated with this electronic cigarette making company.

Enterprise resource planning is carried out by this company that eventually leads to a production of 3000,000 kits of electronic cigarettes each month. Almost 350 employees work under the company where each has his or her own specialization in terms of e-cigarette production. 10 production lines are present in the company that is handled only by specialists.

Six process of QC are carried including line QC, in process QC, ageing QC, etc which are properly described by our website. Electronic cigarettes Suppliers can give the users a vague idea of their product but specializes on giving perfect and complete information about the mother company Itsuwa Electronic Co., LTD.

QC/QA employees account for almost 15 percent of the total employees present in Itsuwa Electronic Co., LTD. 24 hour test is carried on all the products before being dispatched for manufacturing purpose. The E-liquid is separately tested before it is sealed in the holder for the amounts of nicotine, diethyl glycol, nitrosamines and other chemical percentages.

The employee recruitment by them and the owner company is done only for those candidates who are extremely skillful. Electronic cigarettes supplires need skillful labor since improper mixing of chemical reagents in the atomizer of the electronic cigarette may be fatal to the user. proudly announces that any user can directly interact with the admin or the higher authorities regarding any problem or information requirement through the website. Anyone can Click Here on the previous web site link and post his or her query on the ‘Contact Us’ option of the website.

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