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X-Ray Devices Market : Marked Shift Toward Mobile and Portable Devices Creates Lucrative Opportunities 2012 to 2018

X-Ray Devices Market (Mobile X-Ray and C-Arm Devices, Private Not-For-Profit, For-Profit and Public Hospitals, Health Screening Centers, Thoracic, ICU, Emergency Response, Dental and Orthopedics Department) - U.S., China and Europe Market Penetration, Buying Preferences and Healthcare Institution Usage Rate Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast, 2012 - 2018


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- The Foundational Aspects of the X-Ray Devices Market:

When medical practitioners need images of the internals of a body, X-ray machines are employed. These devices generate X-ray radiations that can help doctors in numerous ways, such as locating a fractured bone or examine lungs to understand whether they are infected. X-ray devices thus become a tool that can expedite the medical diagnosis and related intervention for several conditions. In their capacity as an interventional tool, X-rays can guide surgeons about placing catheters or during angioplasties in the coronary area. Over the years, X-ray devices have evolved to a great extent and have become highly specialized in keeping with the needs of different branches of medicines. With this, the global X-ray devices market has expanded and diversified over the decades, creating several opportunities for growth and innovation.

X-Ray Devices Market is Growing, But Not Drastically :

According to a study by Transparency Market Research, the demand for X-ray devices stood at 494.2 thousand as of 2011 but is projected to grow to 700.5 thousand X-ray devices in the next three years (2018). This translates into a moderate CAGR of 5.2% from 2012 to 2018. However, only certain segments of the X-ray devices market are expected to exhibit very healthy growth. The other segments will continue to grow at a modest pace, market analysts forecast.

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It is expected that growth will result from a change in demand dynamics. Buyers and medical practitioners are showing a greater inclination toward using mobile and portable X-ray devices equipped with the latest digital technology. The demand for traditionally-used stationary X-ray devices that operate on analog systems is fizzling out. Numerous developments outside of the X-ray devices market have spurred this change. For one, the growing use of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) in regions such as Europe and United States has made it imperative for medical practitioners to switch over to digital systems that afford interconnectivity.

The other factors that are chiefly credited for the growth in the X-ray devices market are: Growing geriatric population, growing prevalence of different types of diseases, and the resultant growing patient pool.

Changing Buying Criteria Will Define the X-Ray Devices Market of the Future :

Consumers in the X-ray devices market are exhibiting a vast different in buying patterns. For instance, it is not just the mobility of X-ray devices that is of prime importance. The quality of images is being considered paramount as clearer images make accurate diagnosis faster and easier. Companies in the X-ray devices market also have to consider an important factor that determines purchase decisions – the price. In price sensitive markets such as China and India, the cost of the X-ray device can make or break a deal. Interestingly, price sensitivity is being observed not just countries in the East, but in the West too—where countries are fresh from the impact of an economic depression.

Key Segments that Need to be Focused on within the X-ray Devices Market :

The overall market for X-ray devices can be segmented on the basis of product types and geography, and the type of healthcare institutions where such devices are used. Examples of the latter would be hospitals (private and public), diagnostic and screening centers, college/prison infirmaries, etc. Recent analyses of the X-ray devices market show that the demand for such devices will be high in dental treatment centers. China will lead the global market for X-ray devices in terms of growth rate, and has already emerged as a focus area for being the highest buyer of X-ray devices in recent years.

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