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xByte Partners with E-Stewards for a Greener Tomorrow


Bradenton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- xByte Technologies has joined the elite group of enterprise partners for the Basel Action Network (BAN) of e-Steward. BAN has started world’s first e-waste recycler certification program which saw active participation of enterprises from diverse industry segments such as Samsung, Lockheed Martin, Boeing etc. xByte is the latest company to have earned this much coveted certification and earn e-Stewards(R) Enterprise.

The e-Stewards(R) Enterprise recognition is given to those companies which show organizational commitment to responsible recycling of electronic wastes in North America and inculcate the e-waste best practices in every action of theirs everywhere. Henceforth xByte would follow the e- Stewards(R) Standard in all operations irrespective of the location.

The e-Stewards Standard is a creation of BAN with inputs from diverse industry leaders and health and environment experts. xByte could be part of this prestigious group of e-Stewards Enterprises because of continuous commitment to environmental sustenance. The e-Stewards standards primarily are that the company does not export hazardous e-wastes to developing countries, use U.S prisoners for labor, or dump the municipal landfills with toxic wastes. Also the company needs to follow the necessary consumer data protection policies and occupational health best practices to ensure all employers are protected.

xByte has been on the drive for a greener planet from its inception. "We ensure that the different IT equipment that we buy are responsibly recycled at the end of their usability tenure," said Tom Santilli, CEO of xByte Technologies. Through this e-Stewards partnership, xByte proposes to bring in sustainability in the IT equipment sector.

As e-Stewards Enterprise, xByte fulfills further its commitment to ensure that the global toxic waste crisis is curtailed. As part of this program, xByte will go through annual audits to guarantee that it adheres to the e-Stewards guidelines.

About xByte Technologies
xByte Technologies is a premier reseller of IT equipment with a history of quality service stretching over 11 years. The company specializes in servers, storage, and parts for Dell, HP, and IBM. For more information on xByte’s commitment to the environment and the practices followed, please visit: http://www.xbyte.com