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Xenon Headlights Added to UK Online Catalog of Car Bulb and Accessory Retailer D.S.4.U. (UK) Limited


Derby, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- The online UK automotive bulb and accessory retailer D.S.4.U. (UK) Limited and their website DirectShopping4u.com have just added a new range of the highly popular xenon headlights to their online catalog. DirectShopping4u.com sells a wide variety of car, motorbike, scooter and commercial vehicle headlights and bulbs in 6v, 12v and 24v volt specifications as well as a wide selection of automotive accessories.

While most new cars produced today still leave automotive manufacturing facilities fitted with Halogen bulbs, the far brighter and longer lasting Xenon bulbs are becoming a highly popular replacement choice throughout the UK. In response to that growing demand, the online UK automotive bulb retailer DirectShopping4u.com has added a full line of Xenon bulbs to its ever-growing catalog of vehicle bulbs and accessories. “Although Xenon replacement bulbs are more expensive than the standard halogen bulbs, we are able to provide them to our UK customers at budget prices that are far below what they will pay elsewhere,” said a DirectShopping4u.com specialist.

Xenon headlamps, which are referred to as high-intensity discharge (HID) in official parlance, contain the chemical element xenon gas. In addition to its characteristic blue tint, it is capable of emitting 50 percent more light (Lumens) and lasts far longer than the standard halogen headlamp. “These lights produce the color spectrum of daylight, which allows them to provide far greater detail in front and at the road edges,” said the specialist. “They also produce far less glare and therefore far less eye fatigue for drivers.”

DirectShopping4u.com carries a variety of xenon replacement bulbs including the Cobalt Series, which have a high xenon gas content to emit the distinctive blue/white light that Xenon headlamps are known for. Drivers can also find the Performance Plus Series, which are clear glass Xenon bulbs with a highly focused filament for optimum driving performance. Both Series come in a variety of front and sidelight models. The completely new H7 Performance Kit contains two xenon bulbs with the addition of two free sidelight bulbs in the package.

DirectShopping4u.com has an extensive variety of car bulbs as well as motorbike, scooter and commercial vehicle bulbs in 6v, 12v and 24v specifications. Every type is available including headlamp, side and tail, interior, indicator, panel and stop. Drivers can find bulbs for all modern, veteran, vintage, classic and commercial cars as well as motorbikes and scooters. In addition, they have a variety of automotive accessories such as Ring PowerPacks and compressors, car detailing products, a variety of car maintenance products and tools, plus much more. For more information, please visit http://directshopping4u.com

About D.S.4.U. (UK) Limited
D.S.4.U. (UK) Limited, via their website directshopping4u.com provides UK drivers with a huge range of automotive headlights and bulbs in a variety of voltages for cars, motorbikes, scooters and commercial vehicles at low prices. Drivers can find Halogen and Xenon headlamps and bulbs as well as LED and Neon interior lights bulbs. The online retailer also sells a variety of automotive accessories such as powerpacks and compressors as well as detailing, car maintenance products and more.