Josh Chang Show High Quality Content Is More Important Than Ever for Good Search Engine Visibility.


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- As google and the other major search engines get more and more advanced, many webmasters are discovering that they are getting rewarded for having high quality content on their websites. Greater visibility in the search engine results pages often follows the creation of interesting and engaging website articles and blog posts that readers find enjoyable and informative.

Search engine ranking algorithms now factor in the time on site statistics and the bounce rates of the sites in their indexes, so the more engrossing a website's content is, the better for its search engine positioning.

Websites that are pleasing to users suit google and the other main search engines, yahoo and bing.

Logically, the more searchers who find what they are looking for via a search engine, the better for the people who run the main search engines. Searchers are now tougher that ever to please, though, as they have many other sources of online content outside of traditional search engine surfing.

And of course this has implications for webmasters, who play an important part in the search engine experience.

Online researcher Mary McMalin suggests that the old days of having poor quality web content and still getting top rankings are on the way out. "Web surfers have a lot of websites to choose from these days, and they can find what they are looking for from a number of sources outside of search engines, notably social media sites. They simply aren't going to spend time on poor websites. Search engines, who want to improve the user experience, are keenly aware of this and are on a mission to get rid of as many bad quality websites from their indexes as possible."

For website owners then, it really is a case of maintaining high standards or getting pushed down the rankings.

Search engine optimization is still something that forms a major part of most digital marketing plans, and it still has many facets, including keyword research, on page optimization and off page SEO. The most important part of an SEO plan, though, should be to give the end user the quality and quantity of information that they are looking for.

This means that traditional 'on page SEO' should very much take a back seat to the development of high calibre on site content that reads well and supplies genuinely valuable information. This means no keyword stuffing.

Good content ( which may include video ) is also much more likely to attract positive social signals, including likes, shares and bookmarks, which can only be good for off page SEO. You may even attract some natural inbound backlinks from relevant sites in your market.

So to keep visitors and search engines alike happy with your website, focus on creating as much interesting content as possible.

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