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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Distance Learning Education is growing with each passing day as more and more people start adapting to the new form of teaching. We all know how crucial time element is these days and no wonder this new trend is actually picking up with people. There are certain advantages that exist of this format that make it so popular among the masses.

The main advantage is with respect to the fact that the candidate does not need to be present at the premises. XLRI allows students to prepare via their satellite program sitting at home. Students need to be at the premises for a short duration only. Most of the learning is carried out at specified centres.

The next advantage is in the form of cost. Normally, regular education adds on costs like living, infrastructure etc. However, with distance learning courses, this impediment is thwarted out. Since students never really need a campus, the cost is substantially reduced. XLRI has a reasonable cost compared to its regular program and studying for the same can help students get quality education at an affordable price. XLRI program cover a wide area like Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing and HR. The college is famous for its HR program and widely regarded as the best institute for Human Resource Management in Asia.

One of the biggest concerns of students pursuing distance course is the advantage such courses would accord to them in due course of time. This question is very valid and concern is obvious on part of most students. The sad thing is that XLRI or for that matter any distance education provider in India, does not provide placement services as of now. This is one aspect that does turn students off. However, if students are pedantic, they can take a lot of learning out of such courses and increase value in their Resume too. The most important aspect to remember is that the real value addition occurs inside the individual and not outside.

An MBA from XLRI is cherished dream for many and students aspire to be associated with the prestigious institute as more than 1 lakh aspirants sit for its regular MBA program every year. However, since only 240 seats are available, it becomes really tough to make it through to the flagship course. Hence, the distance education programs of XLRI are an ideal way for students to get some stardust rubbed off on their resume. The content of the courses is top notch and students should not consider this a run of the mill course where you would pass just by signing up and paying the fee. The institute expects students to work really hard towards the content being provided. The study material is provided by the institute itself and is the main crux around which the course is designed.

The content of the course is designed as per the latest management practices as immense research is carried out by the institute every year. The curriculum is designed and maintained by experience faculty and updated as per the changing times and needs.

Overall, a distance education program from XLRI is a great input for any student that realizes the value of such content and can afford to give his time and patience towards quality learning.

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Mohit Majumdar
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