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XLS Medical Fat Binder Review Published to Dissect the Marketing Hype from Real Product Effectiveness

Popular UK diet portal Dietslimmingpills.org.uk puts claims of XLS Medical fat binder under analysis, and comes up with the detailed explanations behind its effectiveness.


Westhill, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- XLS Medical by Omega Pharma, the latest slimming aid acting as a fat binder, drew massive attention on the slimming market due to the heavy media promotion and advertisements. The story tend to repeat itself in a predictable way - as the new slimming product hits the market, all sorts of outrageous claims and promises are made in order to make the customer try it immediately. And people do respond - however in many cases some product appears not as effective for weight loss, or even contains plain "sawdust" fillers that have no solid evidence of results and any sorts of clinical background behind their formulas.

As the trusted independent resource providing detailed reviews of the over-the-counter slimming pills and products, dietslimmingpills.org.uk took the XLS Medical fat binder under rigorous examination in order to find if the claims of the product have any solid background in the medical circles, and does anyone really used this fat blocker with noticeable weight loss results.

Editorial team of dietslimmingpills.org.uk validated the scientific studies on the active ingredient of XLS Medical, called Litramine, which is supposedly binding up to 27% of the dietary fats from ingestion, thus promoting less calorie intake and weight loss as a result.

Under serious analysis were the potential side effects of this fat binding supplement, as according to the claims made on xlsmedical.co.uk, the product is not expected to provoke side effects. However, the editor's analysis showed that while this product is not posing any serious danger to patient's health, some unpleasant effects may take place.

The editorial team also assessed the customer support terms, safety of purchasing process, and numerous people's feedback on the product, shared on independent weight loss forums.

The results of this extensive analysis were formulated into the comprehensive XLS Medical review and published on the website http://www.dietslimmingpills.org.uk to help people understand the real facts about the product before they fall into the shopping spree.

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