Joe Bragg Explains Exactly How Much Radiology Technicians Make in Today's Economy


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2013 -- The medical industry is one of the most recession proof industries in the world. Until science invents cures for deadly diseases and aging, the world will always need doctors, nurses, and medical support staff. Those who wish to become radiology technicians can enjoy a career with a comfortable salary and good working conditions.

Today, aspiring radiology technicians are turning to a website called to learn more about their future career. At, visitors will discover specific salary data for radiology technicians and other medical service professions. The website also explains how to become a medical tech – including the specific schooling, experience, and courses required.

A spokesperson for explains exactly how much ultrasound technicians and other professionals can expect to make:

“We compiled data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found that ultrasound technicians, also known as sonogram technicians, can expect to make an average of $64,380 per year in the United States. That translates to approximately $30.95 per hour, which is above average for other jobs in the medical imaging industry. Furthermore, the demand for ultrasound specialists is expected to grow at 44% over the next seven years, making it one of the best fields to enter today. Some people enter the field for the comfortable ultrasound technician salary, while others enjoy the flexibility and number of job opportunities.”

One of the biggest fuels of growth for the industry is ObamaCare. ObamaCare will provide medical insurance to millions of people who are currently uninsured. In other words, people who have rarely – if ever – received imaging tests in their lives will now be able to access medical care, putting a higher demand on imaging professionals across the United States.

The site also provides general information for anyone wanting to enter a radiography profession. Radiography encompasses a number of different specialties, including x-ray testing, sonography, nuclear medicine, MRI testing, CT scanning, and more. Those who wish to pursue a job in any of these fields can read about the training and education requirements at

Of course, getting a job in any field has more to do with networking than education and experience, and understands that:

“Networking is important in any field – whether it’s medicine or professional acting. We feature specific information about how to network that is designed to help aspiring radiology professionals achieve the career of their dreams. We also explain the educational requirements and recommended courses for imaging professionals across the state.”

Whether searching for radiology technician salary information or interested in learning how to become a radiology professional, aims to answer many questions people have about pursuing a career in medical imaging.

About is a medical imaging career information website which explains the salary, educational requirements, and other data for radiology professionals. Medical imaging is expected to grow in demand by approximately 44% over the next seven years. For more information, please visit: