Joe Bragg Launches to Provide Salary Information and Advice to X-Ray Techs

New website aims to help X-Ray technicians maximize their salary, as well as providing useful advice to budding technicians keen to begin radiography careers.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Radiography is an interesting and well paid career. Radiographers are experts in medical imaging, using complicated and high tech equipment to create images such as X-Rays or MRI scans that doctors can use in their diagnostic procedures. The job involves a great deal of specialist knowledge, as well as direct patient contact. It’s an excellent job for anyone with an interest in science, imaging, or the medical profession.

One radiography related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This new site is designed to help X-Ray technicians with their career. It contains information to help them maximize their salary. It is also a useful information resource for people who are considering getting into this line of work. The site is quickly becoming regarded as one of the most useful information sites on the Internet about working as an X-Ray technician.

The editorial content hosted on the site is remarkably comprehensive. It contains detailed information about many aspects of the job, including many tips on how to actually land a job in the first place. As well as details such as the average X Ray technician salary, useful advice on getting a worthwhile education, building a professional network, learning extra skills, and more.

The site also covers many other radiography related professions, with information such as the standard MRI technician salary.

A spokesperson for the website said: “Working in radiography can be exceptionally well paid. Not just anyone can do this type of job. It requires a great deal of specialist education. Consequently, salaries are fairly high. Most people who work as x-ray technicians report huge job satisfaction, not just because of the well paid nature of the career but also because they are helping people in a medical environment. While the job is fairly well paid from the beginning, as with any career there are certain steps that can be taken to secure an even higher salary. Our website has information and advice to help X-Ray technicians maximize their salary. It also contains useful guidance for people who are contemplating getting into a radiography related career. The site serves as a complete information resource about finding an X-Ray technician job, keeping it, and maximizing earnings.”

About is a website which contains information about X-Ray technician careers. It includes information about salaries, as well as advice on how to get into the profession.

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