Xtreme Satellite TV Introduces Comparison Charts for Consumers to Compare Pay-TV

Channel Charts Allow and Other Features Allow Consumers To Do Research Before Buying


Green Bay, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- According to statistics released by The NPD Group, the average pay-TV bill is expected to reach $123 by 2015, and upwards to $200 by 2020. With this in mind, Andrew White, author of the Xtreme Satellite TV blog says consumers have to be extremely savvy these days when it comes to choosing their satellite television company.

Says White, "The basic rivals for years now have been DISH Network and DIRECTV. Choosing between these two service providers can be quite tough, because of all of their similarities. However, there are actually a couple of main differences. We have made things simple for consumers by building channel comparison charts. Channels are going to be the most significant deciding matter for most people. Right now there are a number of additional charts that will assist also, however, the idea is for you to utilize all these charts to get your favorite channels for the lowest price."

Shopping around for the best deal and doing your homework pays off for consumers according to White. XtremeSatelliteTV blog site assists customers doing their research by allowing them to compare and contrast the two major players in the satellite television game. However, White doesn't feel you can compare cable television to satellite television. Says White, "Comparing cable and satellite is like comparing apples to oranges. They are all subscriber based TV services, however, they are very different. Satellite is virtually nationwide and cable is fragmented into many different companies and cable is usually only within city limits." While White does not talk bad about the various cable television companies, he does believe the state-of-the-art equipment consumers receive from cable companies is well worth the typical two year contracts they sign up for.

White explains about his site, saying, "Our blog is completely un-biased. I feel that's what consumers need in today's age of commercialism. The two service providers are fierce rivals and these companies would not allow any sort of slanted spin within our site. In the event that cable turns out to be a much better offer for you, then by all means, stay with cable. We just wish to help you receive the package that is optimal for you. In fact, our company wants this web site to be a research tool for its visitors and also I purposefully omitted the promotional hype."

About Xtreme Satellite TV
Xtreme Satellite TV provides an online set of comparison charts to guide consumers in the decision making process when choosing between DISH Network and DIRECTV for their television viewing company. The site provides various charts including music, Spanish, Sports, HDTV and a main comparison set of charts.