XtremeSatelliteTV Offers Comparison Chart to Help Shoppers Save Money


Elkridge, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- As Americans struggle to recover from recessionary times, some previous needs are now being seen as not so needed, after all. Cable and satellite TV subscriptions are being cancelled in record numbers, sending satellite television companies like DISH TV and DirectTV scrambling to come up with deals to lure customers back.

According to Scott Boyd, author of the XtremeSatelliteTV blog, "The two service providers are fierce rivals and these companies would not allow any sort of slanted spin within our site. At our blog, we've gone to great lengths to give you every thing you will need in order to make an informed decision about satellite TV. They both are offering varying specials, changing often to cater to different groups of people. Comparing cable and satellite is like comparing apples to oranges. They are all subscriber based TV services, however, they are very different. Satellite is virtually nationwide and cable is fragmented into many different companies and cable is usually only within city limits. To help differentiate between the various offerings of channels, we have come up with several different comparison charts, making it easy to compare the various players in the field."

Boyd explains the goal of his site, saying, "Our goal is to provide comparison charts that will help guide consumers in the decision making process when choosing between DISH Network and DIRECTV. Channels and package differences are the biggest variances in the two services. The only problem is comparing the two in an unbiased setting. It is next to impossible, but we think we've succeeded. It really doesn't matter to us who you choose, or if you stay with cable services."

Getting customers back to using cable or satellite services is another goal of the website. According to Boyd, "The very best area to begin is with the main channel comparison chart, because channels are going to be the most significant deciding matter for most people. Right now there are a number of additional charts that will assist also, however, the idea is for you to utilize all these charts to get your favorite channels for the lowest price."

Boyd leaves the following advice for those considering having their expanded television selections turned back on. "You almost certainly know exactly how your cable TV company is, so we will allow your particular experience by using cable television to be the standard here. One strategy I will leave you with is that by changing to satellite television, you will receive brand new state of the art hardware. Most often, this brand new hardware just costs you a two year service agreement. And that’s it."

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The goal of XtremeSatellite TV is to provide consumers with comparison charts that will help guide in the decision making process when choosing between DISH Network and DIRECTV. The web site is designed to be a research tool for its visitors and purposefully omits promotional hype.

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