XXSIM Offers an International Sim Card


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2018 -- XXSIM is a trademark of E-Graphic DMCC, a limited company, located in Dubai. XXSIM is the best roaming solution ever, providing free received calls in more than 150 countries. The company targets business travelers, nomad people and private people who leave their countries at least once a year, for vacations, for work or for visiting the family. XXSIM is a sim card that will replace the client's local sim card when they are abroad. XXSIM has been in the telecommunication industry for more than eight years worldwide. XXSIM provides innovative products and services that make using the mobile phone more comfortable and less expensive while traveling to the world. Once registered, one creates an account that allows him/her to have a complete overview of the services offered by XXSIM; example card balance, card call history among others. XXSIM offers transparent services; the company has no contract, no commitment, no bills, no minimum connection fees or minimum daily packages, and no additional hidden fees. XXSIM prices are easy to understand,and the history of the XXSIM allows clients to see exactly how much they spend. One can check the cost of the last call, the value of the previous internet session or the previous SMS sent.

"The merits associated with the XXSIM are: no monthly charges, no minimum charge in most countries, and no roaming charges for incoming calls. Other executive features include GPRS/3G for €0.19 per MB, XXSIM card positioning on Google Maps, calls from XXSIM in a European country to a mobile or landlinefor only €0.19 per minute, free call forwarding to any number to avoid usage of a dual simphone, and no charges for incoming calls in the USA and Canada. Clients also get free delivery worldwide," said Sacha Christe, the Manager.

XXSIM is the best international data sim card. The XXSIM international sim card works to ensure that calls from a mobile phone work in the same way at home and abroad. Clients do not have to worry about special commands, new menus, special characters or unusual prefixes. The mission of XXSIM is to create a service that allows clients to use their mobile phones anywhere in the world and for as long as theywant without worrying about the costs incurred. Mobile phones and the internet have turned intoa vital asset for keeping in touch with family and friends.

"With XXSIM, you get free calls in countries such as the USA, Europe, among otherswhen you make a call from abroad, access the internet or text. XXSIM is providing the best solutions to cut roaming charges," said an ICT Technician.

When buying a sim card in Europe, choose XXSIM.One needs an international sim card to stay in touch with family and friends when traveling abroad. With XXSIM, forget all global roaming woes and enjoy the best call rates. To make this process simpler for clients, XXSIM offersa secure online availability of the sim card. The company offers free worldwide delivery and a secure portal to keep the client's information protected.

XXSIM is the best carte sim internationale. XXSIM travel sim card provides telecommunications services through various strategic partnerships. The XXSIM card can support any standard GSM phone, smartphone or broadband modem. XXSIM customers use their mobile phones worldwide for a fraction of the usual price.

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