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Xyngular Announces the Formation of a New Wellness and Nutrition Board


Lehi, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Xyngular, a Utah-based company that features a wide variety of natural supplements that are designed to support weight loss, has just announced the formation of a new wellness and nutrition board.

The panel will be comprised of experts in the fields of nutrition, overall wellness, and product formulation. The board will be instrumental in developing new natural weight loss products as well as wellness programs for the Xyngular company.

Since the day it opened for business, Xyngular has strived to offer its customers effective and innovative products that can help bolster weight reduction and overall body health. With the creation of the new board of experts, the company will be able to serve the needs of its customers even more.

Being overweight or obese can do more than cause low energy; it can also have a severe impact on overall health. In addition, very few people are getting adequate levels of vitamins and minerals from their diets. Despite the fact that many adults are overeating, the foods they consume are often comprised of empty calories, which cause the body to become deficient in many key nutrients. In an effort to supply people with the specific vitamins and minerals that they need to be well and fit, Xyngular has created a variety of high-quality products that are completely guaranteed to help people lose weight.

For example, the Xyngular Personal Nutrition Packs, which are one of the newest products offered by the company, were created in response to the high demand for the supplements. The Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Pack is a powerful fat burning system and metabolism booster that has already proven to be very popular with customers.

“Xyngular Body Transformation is a proved way how to step-by-step achieve your dreamed-of slimming and overall health goals during 29 days,” an article on the Xyngular website noted, adding that thanks to the combination of natural products in the Ultimate Transformation Pack, people will not suffer from hunger during their transformation, or have to adhere to fad diets.

“It begins with approved 8-days IGNITE weight-loss program and continues with optimal eating and exercise plan. During this program your body will get everything that you need for your near-perfect transformation.”

Other nutrition packs that are currently available from Xyngular include the Daily Nutrition Pack, the Daily Detox Pack, and the Lasting Energy Pack.

Anybody who is interested in learning more about Xyngular and its natural weight loss products may visit the user-friendly website at any time; there, they can read in-depth information about the weight loss supplements as well as order directly through the site.

About Xyngular
Xyngular , a company based in Utah, was launched in late 2009. Since then, it has helped many people lose weight quickly and easily with its line of natural weight loss supplements. The company is now a leader in the fitness and health industry. The products sold by Xyngular help to cleanse the body and boost the metabolism and do not require strict diet and exercise programs in order to be effective. Xyngular also offers a full 100% guarantee on its products. For more information, please visit http://www.xyngularonline.com