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Y3PL Warehouse Management System Version 1.0 Comes Integrated with User-Configurable Advanced Features


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2017 -- Y3PL Warehouse Management System's latest version, Version 1.0 was recently rolled out by Y3PL Software – a software development company that offers bespoke solutions to 3PL companies. The developers of the warehouse management system claimed that the Version 1.0 comes with user-configurable advanced features, which will facilitate any warehousing and shipment company in offering advanced 3PL services to their clients.

"Good warehouse management companies always try to conduct a thorough analysis of the logistics issues and roadblocks and always strive to provide the best possible solutions to their clients. Taking a data and analytics driven approach to warehouse management is essential, as corrective actions can be taken at the earliest only if the risks are calculated well in advance. We can say that the Version 1.0 of the third party logistics system which we have rolled out recently gives complete control to the warehouse managers who need to optimize shipments", said a senior developer while talking about the latest version in front of the press here in California.

The developer also told that their warehouse management system can be paired with many other third-party tools and applications which are considered indispensable in the world of warehouse and logistics management industry. "Logistical efficiency can only be enhanced when the right tools are in place, and we can proudly claim that our system meets all the requirements of the warehouse managers who need an integrated system for managing client-specific workflows and inbound and outbound control processes", he added.

On behalf of Y3PL Software, the developer maintained that their system enables warehouse managers to execute their workflows in radio frequency, voice or paper or any other combination. He also added that inventory attribute tracking becomes super easy with the system installed.

"Everyday tasks such as cross docking and appointment scheduling can be seamlessly performed with Version 1.0 of Y3PL Warehouse Management System. We will surely add more advanced features to it in the coming days but for now, this is by far the most comprehensive solution for warehouse managers", added the developer.

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