'Yacht Service Bible' Now Available - a Must-Have Manual for Anyone Who Owns a Yacht, Works on One, or Wants a Job in the Yacht Industry


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Yacht Stew Solutions, a top yacht service training company based in Florida, has announced the publication of “The Yacht Service Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht.” This comprehensive compilation of yacht service knowledge was written by Alene Keenan, founder and CEO of Yacht Stew Solutions, after over 20 years of experience working on yachts and training other people to give top-quality yacht stew services.

This excellent book provides step-by-step training on everything a yacht stew is expected to know: skills required for STCW certification, yacht food and styles of food service, housekeeping, laundry, administration, yacht departments and responsibility, chain of command, and insider service secrets.

Included, too, in the manual is training on soft skills that distinguish a fair steward from an outstanding one: poise, attitude, enthusiasm, personal boundaries, confidentiality, and gossip control, among other things.

The Yacht Service Bible” is not only useful for stews or aspiring stews but it also serves as a great reference for yacht captains, crew agents, yacht managers, and yacht owners.

With the knowledge contained in this book, a yacht stew can gain the respect of the yacht passengers and crew because he or she is able to anticipate and provide their needs even before they think of it. Crew agents will know how to find and recruit the best people for the job. Captains, who are responsible for upholding yacht service standards, and yacht managers will have a better insight on the standards expected by yacht owners and guests. Yacht owners will be more able to protect their investment by knowing what really goes on behind the scenes and gaining an insight on the causes of crew turnover, one of the biggest problems in yachting.

“This is the book that I wish had been available when I started out in the yachting industry as a junior stewardess more than 20 years ago,” Keenan said. “It is not only for yacht stews, but for high-end service industry professionals everywhere.”

“The Yacht Service Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht” is now available in e-book format and can be downloaded from the Yacht Stew Solutions website.

To learn more about “The Yacht Service Bible” or to download the book, log on to www.yachtstewsolutions.com.

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Gunjan Talreja