Yachtico Gear Up for 2014 with Seasonal Prices and Early Bird Deals

Yachtico have released new seasonal prices for 2014 and have incentivised their users with exclusive deals and a new search feature to make booking easier than ever.


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2013 -- Boat rental has always been a popular endeavor but yacht rental was once only available to the elite of society but thanks to Yachtico it is now accessible to all . Yachtico are a search engine and service provider connecting vessel owners with potential charters, and they have released their seasonal prices for 2014 along with exciting incentives for those who book early.

The site has furnished its search engine service with new features, including the ability to arrange search results by both region and price, making the best deals made available to early bird bookers appear right up there at the top of the page, while remaining specific to the region the visitor is looking to book within.

The advantages of early bird prices apply to yacht charter and boat rentals throughout the seven seas, and apply as much to individuals as to fleet operators, agencies and boat owners, who get guaranteed bookings months in advance, putting their boats in higher demand for the months that remain.

A spokesperson for Yachtico explained, “Our new search feature has been designed with our new prices in mind, so that all our users can make the best of the amazing range of boats, yachts and vessels by matching the available deals to their budget. Luckily for everyone, these amazing early bird prices allow individuals to get far more back on their outlay and will make their holiday that much more luxurious or their chartered courier services that much faster. The ability to sort by both region and price simultaneously means maximum efficiency for visitors.”

About Yachtico
Yachtico have developed an international search engine for Boat & Yacht Charter. They allow their users to find a charter yacht or a sailing boat for rent quickly and easily. They are a large platform that connects people who wish to rent or charter boats with fleet operators, agencies and boat owners. The Yachtico search engine helps charter boat operators gain simple, quick and inexpensive acquisition of new customers through our website, bringing seekers and providers together. For more information, please visit: http://www.yachtico.com/