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Yacon Benefits Individuals Aiming to Reduce Sugar in Their Diet


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Yacon , a healthy sweetener alternative, may help individuals who are aiming to reduce sugar in their diet. This is important as many people struggle to keep their blood sugar levels stable.

Elevated blood sugar levels pose a serious threat to one’s health. Therefore, keeping track of the amount of sugar you intake each day cannot be overemphasized. This may prove to be challenging, however with the help of yacon syrup extract, this can be achieved more easily. The syrup is extracted from the root of yacon, a plant native to the Andean mountains in South America. It has various health benefits, one of which is stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Pure Yacon syrup, although a sweetener, has a very low glycemic index, so it is an ideal alternative to sugar for those who have elevated sugar levels. It is high in FOS, which the body is not able to metabolize easily, so it does not overload the body with unnecessary calories. Its recommended intake is three teaspoons before or with every meal, although it may also be used as a sweetener or as an ingredient for a recipe.

Other known health benefits of yacon syrup include promotion of natural weight loss and improvement of digestive health.

“There were no negative effects. Given that yacon is high in soluble fiber (as are oats and beans), I would have expected some gassiness, but the participants did not report that problem at the 10 mg dosage level used in the study (higher doses did cause some nausea and cramps). Many participants had had constipation prior to the study, and that seemed to be relieved by the yacon, but there did not appear to be adverse digestive effects.” – Dr. Neal Barnard

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