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Yacon Root Rush Launches to Provide Best Quality Yacon Syrup Supplements Online

Yacon Root Rush exclusively offer 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract, the most concentrated, highest purity Yacon syrup extract optimized for weight loss.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- The Yacon plant, a root vegetable that looks not unlike a giant sweet potato, has been used in traditional medicine by the indigenous tribes of Peru for thousands of years, and is used to help people lose weight, regulate diabetes and more. The extract of the Yacon Root has been found to contain high concentrations of fructooligosaccharides which taste sweet, have a pre-biotic effect that boosts the metabolism and is not processed by the body as other sugars are, preventing their toxic effects. Yacon Root Rush now provides a Yacon root extract that contains all the active ingredients of the Yacon root in an easy to swallow pill.

The 100% Pure Yacon Root Extract sold by Yacon Root Rush has the highest concentrations of active ingredients found in any such supplements, together with the highest single dosages of any tablet. This means with just two tablets a day individuals can see a significant change in their fat absorption without any changes to their diet.

When combined with diet and exercise, the supplement can yield astonishing results, and has seen recognition from high profile sources, from medical television programs to scientific journals that attest to its efficacy in managing weight.

A spokesperson for Yacon Root Rush explained, “Yacon root has been used successfully for this purpose by those looking to lose weight for hundreds upon hundreds of years. It is only now, thanks to globalization and the search for weight loss solutions that the benefits of Yacon root can be felt far beyond the indigenous regions in which it grows naturally, and can instead be enjoyed by people around the world. With the benefit of modern science, we can also concentrate and heighten its effects to ensure individuals are getting the most benefit from every dose, creating truly remarkable results, at prices that are still affordable to the consumer.”

About Yacon Root Rush
Yacon Root Rush provides visitors with the opportunity to invest in 100% Pure Yacon Root extract; the only such supplement that meets all of the scientifically recommended criteria for effective metabolism boosting weight loss. It has the highest concentration of the Yacon root’s active ingredients of any such supplement and is available exclusively from Yacon Root Rush. For more information, please visit: