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Yacon Syrup May Help Reduce Complications Related to Diabetes


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- Diabetes is a common metabolic health problem that greatly affects the body’s capability to metabolize. Normally, the food that we consume gets converted into glucose which then enters the blood stream as a source of nutrients. Insulin, which is a hormone produced in the pancreas helps in regulating the level of glucose in the blood and how glucose is utilized. However, people with diabetes usually experience low levels of insulin which could then lead to high levels of sugar in the blood which will then lead to various symptoms of diabetes that includes excessive thirst and frequent urination which in the long run may cause various serious health problems.

For many people diagnosed with diabetes it is very important to be very aware of their sugar intake in order to avoid complications. Health experts worldwide still consider proper diet as the best way to prevent diabetes and other diabetes related complications as well. One of the most important ways is to find an alternative to the conventional sweetener especially the ones which are high in fructooligosaccharides or FOS. What’s great about FOS rich sweeteners is the fact that it doesn’t get metabolized by the body yet it still has the same or better sweetness than the conventional sweeteners. Moreover, Yacon Syrup is very low in calorie, yet it makes you feel full for a longer period of time. Furthermore, as it is very low in the glycemic scale index, it is an ideal alternative to sugar if aiming to reduce sugar in the diet. In addition, as it is high in prebiotics, it promotes digestive health. More importantly, get to experience all these benefits without negative side effects.

Choice Nutrition Supplements’ Yacon Syrup is currently one of the best-selling alternative sweeteners today. It is exclusively manufactured in the United States in a FDA inspected and GMP certified facility thereby assuring you of a high quality health product.

“I have been using this Yacon Syrup for about a week.I really like the taste.I take a teaspoon before each meal. It really does help to suppress my appetite.I have lost a total of 3 far.I will continue to take this product and would recommend it.” – Teresa Stevens, Yacon Syrup user

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