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Yacon Syrup Touted to Be the New Wonder Supplement for Dieters by Yacon Syrup Review

Yacon Syrup is set to take the market by storm following clinical trials that have revealed the syrup has profound weight loss effects for the obese, as well as other health benefits.


Nebo, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- With the so-called obesity epidemic causing unprecedented strain on healthcare services following the widespread availability of cheap, fat-rich foods, it is no wonder that millions around the world are seeking to lose weight while finding it difficult to do so. The use of dietary supplements is at an all-time high right now, and into this already crowded market comes a new solution from an ancient source. Yacon Syrup was first used by the Incas and is used by people in the Andes to this day to remedy diabetes and encourage weight loss. Yacon Syrup Review ascertains the effectiveness of this new supplement.

Now commonly available from many health foods suppliers, Yacon Syrup is the sap taken from the potato-like roots of the Yacon fruit. Its tuberous roots are processed in a manner similar to the creation of Maple Syrup, but the resulting liquid is rich in prebiotics that help manage hypoglycemia and increase the efficient processing of fat by the body.

The review goes on to detail the scientific investigations into Yacon syrup, including evidence discovered by Genta et al in 2009, which clearly demonstrated a 75% success rate of weight loss in obese individuals with just a month of use.

A spokesperson for Yacon Syrup Review explained, “Used since the time of the ancient Incas, this natural remedy has prebiotic properties that encourage and support weight loss. Thanks to the research done users can now buy the supplement with confidence and has led to the TV endorsement from celebrated TV doctors, who’s endorsement is often the gold standard for nutritional supplements and has led to the runaway success of other popular alternatives like Raspberry Ketones. Unlike Ketones however, the clinical trials here were performed on human subjects, and so the results can be said to be even more reliable.”

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