Yaliny Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Make Mobile Communications Cheap, Convenient and Available Worldwide

Yaliny looks to provide unlimited Internet and phone service for $10 a month, available worldwide to Smartphone users without roaming.


Moscow, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Yaliny was founded because like all mobile users, the founders of this company have a dream to stay connected to the ones they love, no matter where they are in the world. They want to offer global mobile service at about $10 a month, with unlimited data, no roaming, or other crappy charges and inconveniences.

Yaliny’s satellite constellation will consist of 135 LEO satellites on circular orbit, at 370 miles [600 km] altitude. They will cover the entire planet’s surface. One of the most important points about these satellites is they should be fairly light and small enough to be stacked in one large rocket such as Falcon Heavy. Yaliny team is designing them exactly that way - to do just one launch. This will cut initial funding required to create an infrastructure, so they’ll be able to provide cheaper services.

The Yaliny application will be available in such stores as AppStore or Google Play. Once installed, the application will provide Smartphones with full-scale control over Yaliny Point for internet connection and VoIP-like services – the ability to place and receive calls, texts and so on. They’re designing it to be fast and reliable, with excellent encryption, convenient synchronization, and the ability to connect to standard internet links like 3G and others. This application will also have several additional important features that one can’t imagine a mobile app without.

All funds raised through Indiegogo will be spent on hardware. In order to build a full scale satellite prototype on this stage, Yaliny needs very expensive equipment for Super High Frequency electronics, different satellite parts and so on.

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