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YardYum Helps Landowners Make Extra Income from Their Yards


Stateline, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2017 -- YardYum is helping landowners earn some extra cash while also changing the way people garden and gain access to healthier foods in urban areas. The launch of YardYum helps to connect people looking for gardening space with individuals and organizations that have available space to rent.

"YardYum is the easiest way for gardeners who don't have their own space to connect with landowners who have yard space that they're not using," said Kane Miller, the Founder. "It's like Airbnb for gardening."

The new service is a one-stop resource that helps individuals, groups and organizations locate those with garden plots for rent. It's an easy and convenient solution for those who wish to grow their own vegetables, herbs or flowers. Gardeners can either pay a monthly, seasonal, or annual fee for the land they use, or give the landowner a portion of what they grow.

The YardYum creators got their inspiration for the idea from SPIN farming and community gardening. With the demand for community gardening on the rise, they discovered that many community gardens had multi-year wait-lists, so more gardening space was definitely needed. And with so many unused yards in cities across the world, the supply existed, it just needed to be accessed more easily.

For gardeners, it's an affordable way to enjoy the outdoors, teach youngsters the joys of gardening, stay healthy and fit, and have access to fresh and organic food. Gardeners can use what they grow for any purpose they like. Some gardeners eat everything they grow, while others donate their produce to benefit the homeless, sell it at farmer's markets, or garden for environmental reasons.

For landowners, YardYum offers the means of earning a passive income while also enjoying nature's bounty. Owners can offer any size plot of land for gardening, with the average being approximately 10 x 20 feet (20 square meters). Individuals with larger areas can divide their property into smaller plots for maximum usage. Gardeners can find plots in a variety of locations, some even with on-site watering facilities and raised beds.

YardYum offers a complete land location platform and private messaging system for landowners and gardeners to connect, discuss terms, and create relationships. Those with garden plots for rent can use a contract template provided on the website or write their own with gardeners.

The site maintains a forum where gardeners and landowners can chat and learn, discuss a wide variety of garden-related topics, and offer tips and suggestions. YardYum also maintains an informative blog that encompasses topics ranging from low-maintenance planting, container gardening, and plantings that benefit endangered species.

The launch of YardYum provides a unique platform that brings together gardeners and those with garden plots for rent for mutually beneficial arrangements. Individuals who want to "rent my yard" have an easy way to earn extra income, help neighbors grow their own fresh food, and assist those who want to beautify and benefit the environment.

About YardYum
Founded by a group of individuals who are passionate about the environment. YardYum was launched to help alleviate the scarcity of available gardening space in urban areas, encourage more locally-grown, sustainable and organic produce, and reduce the overall carbon footprint on the planet.

Media Contact
Kane Miller, Founder
Address: PO Box 4225, Stateline, NV 89449 USA
Phone: 619-721-3220