Yasir Khan Reveals the Best Link Building Techniques for Post-Penguin SEO


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Yasir Khan is an experienced SEO & link building consultant that specializes in three main brands: Quantum SEO Labs, Reputation Enhancer, and SERP Automation. He now reveals some of the Best Link Building Techniques for Post-Penguin SEO that help make websites popular.

After the appearance of Google Penguin, the strategies for SEO optimization have drastically changed to reduce the widespread practice of spamming and low quality content. The new era came when the site owners, who would like to succeed, are in need of unique and beneficial content that is properly linked and optimized with the right keywords. Those, who fail to follow these requirements, lose their position in Google and other search engines and get no traffic, neither any profit.

Yasir Khan reveals some of the vital factors and strategies that will allow site owners comply with the Google’s recommendations. These are as follows:
· High engagement of Google Plus, as it offers customers numerous advantages that cannot be found in other social networking websites and search engines. It provides a great opportunity for increasing the customer base and leads to wide online recognition.
· A special SEO tool called Author Rank is extremely important for Google ranking. It helps writers to determine the uniqueness of their content and allows the site owners to build faultless online reputation.
· Providing a unique content is not enough to become successful. The articles should be also beneficial for the readers and need to provide information they do not know, i.e. it needs to be different from the information that is already available online. It should also be shared in various forms, making use of videos, webinars, graphs, screencasts, blogs, podcasts, infographics, etc.
· It is important to provide the essence of the content in the very beginning to attract the customers’ attention. There are multiple ways to make the content popular among the targeted audience, such as RSS feeds, social media websites, blogs, press releases, article submissions, etc.

Besides all these factors, Yasir Khan recommends following the next four steps for standing out of the competitors in the chosen niche:
1. Accurate choice of the most popular keywords on Twitter
2. Using the Google’s tool for keyword selection to choose and use the most relevant keywords depending on the website’s content and topic
3. Building a solid reputation in Facebook by creating a fan page in the most popular social media
4. Providing the site’s visitors with the opportunity to leave comments, feedbacks or backlinks to further update the website based on the customers’needs.

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Yasir Khan ( is born in 1985 in Pakistan, but currently lives in Canada. He has a unique selling proposition that includes being available round-the-clock on the phone, trying completely new and successful methods, etc. Khan has more than 30 international clients that take advantage of his customized SEO solutions.