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A Lady with the Dream of Sharing and Promoting the Himalayan Heritage


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- Professional Photographer Marta Kotlarska, from the United Kingdom (UK), is spearheading a project called “Hindu Yatras,” which aims to build a heritage for the Himalayas Ancient Pilgrimages.

This project aims to raise funds for use in promoting the Himalayan culture and tradition. Kotlarska wants to promote the Himalayas religious belief in Europe to call its attention to the public. In European culture, religiousness is perceived as backward. The photographer wants to change this through “Hindu Yatras.”

The Himalayas have a rich culture and tradition. There are numerous stories about the rivers and mountains being passed on for generations. It includes stories about sacra, adventures, myths, fables and more. Hindus and Buddhists treat the Himalayas as a highly sacred place where you can easily connect with God.

She pledged to use her skills and her abilities to create a photo book that will be published and released in Europe. It aims to get the Europeans’ attention and see the different side of religion through pictures depicting Himalayan Heritage.

Marta Kotlarska has been in the photography industry for 10 years already completing numerous projects in different countries in Europe. Including the Click Academy in Poland and UK which promote social empowerment, the Marta Kotlarska documentary in Poland, Ukraine, Morocco and Amarnath-Hindu Yatra, and many more. She was inspired by her uncle in building this project as he often tells her stories about the Himalayas when she was just a child.

Europe is the main audience, but sharing the Himalayan perception to the rest of the world can touch more individuals and change people’s bad habits or pessimism through religion.

You can visit her website ( for more information about the project. Details on how and where to donate are also posted there.

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