Year End Sale Is Now Live on Gaming Mouse Under $50 CM STORM XORNET 2000 DPI


Sidoarjo, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- The year end sale of Cooler Master CM Storm Xornet features claw-grip design with anti-slip rubber on side grips, this ultra-light weight gaming mouse enables the user to use it for gaming sessions with a prolonged usage. It is also equipped with on-the-fly USB speed adjustments that no other gaming mouse has. The USB speed adjustment gives the freedom to the user to switch from 125Hz to 250Hz, 500Hz or 1000Hz. All the user need to do is to push the button.

The CM Storm Xornet is a gaming mouse with an ergonomic design as well as forged to produce a very solid design. The professional FPS gamers that desire a claw grip would find this gaming mouse ideal. The CM Storm Xornet is loaded with a 2000 DPI sensor which is meant for a high performance result, it is also engineered to have a precise in-game tactics. The incredible gaming mouse is equipped an ultra-step wheel encoder which allows a very accurate scrolling, on-the-fly adjustment as well as Omron micro-switches. The Japanese micro switches are designed to last even after more than five millions of clicks. The CM Storm Xornet 2000 DPI gaming mouse is set in a very attractive crimson stealth black and high-gloss finish. That what makes this 2000 DPI gaming house the focal point of any gamer setup.

The Aesthetic Aspect & Packaging of The Xornet

Any possible buyer does not need to open the packaging box just to have a closer look before purchasing the CM Storm Xornet. Thanks to its nice packaging, the gaming mouse is well placed in a red, and black box that has an opening. The packaging enables the possible user to comprehensively observe the mouse before actually buying it. The details of the features of the CM Storm Xornet can be easily found on its box. The Xornet packaging involves a hard plastic for protection purpose. This type of packaging has already been a typical or standard packaging for most mouse.

The 2000 DPI sensor that is equipped in the CM Storm Xornet is extremely accurate as well as easily adjusted between 500, 1000 or 2000 presets on-the-fly. The user of this 2000 DPI gaming mouse is able to exercise an absolute control over the slightest movements possible with the Ultra-Step Scroll Wheel Encoder, and again this gaming mouse under $50 .

The user of the CM Storm Xornet will be provided with a start-up guide. The brand “Xornet” is shown in white color on its black hard plastic construction. While the CM Storm logo is placed on the lower end. It presents an attractive and eye-catching look at first glance. The 2000 DPI gaming mouse is meant for the right handed users, and this USB wired mouse is equipped with an ergonomic design that looks like a claw for more comfortable usage purpose. The length of the USB wire itself is about 2 meters or 6.56 feet. The length should be enough for any gamers. Comparing the CM Storm Xornet to any other gaming mouse available in the market, with 75w x 107h x 35d measurement, it is relatively smaller in size. There !! at best buy mouse website.

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