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Year of the Snake Game - Classic Game Blends Retro Fun with Chinese Zodiac

It's 2013 and in China that means the Year of the Snake. For most Americans, the new year has already come and gone (including resolutions), but on February 10th all of China will celebrate the year of the Black Water Snake.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- According to ancient chinese lore, this will be a year of detailed progress in business and a continuance of the 2012 Dragon year.  They are both scaled reptiles and live in the water.  As far as predictions go, whatever was going on last year will likely continue.  For some that means greater achievements in business and thought, but for others there could be challenges.  The flip side of the snake is that it can be very sneaky and calculating.  It doesn't generally attack though, unless it feels threatened or hungry.  Don’t step on it and you wont be bitten!  For those who follow traditional Astrology, the date will have dual significance in that Feb 10th is also near the new moon in Aquarius.

Celebrate the new year with a free snake game and enjoy greater relaxation in 2013.  This game reflects the classic title and the retro style has been blended with a therapeutic message: “Take it easy and chill like the water snake!”  SnakeGameStation is a developer of casual games and decided to revive the classic snake game and will be adding new levels, sushi and original audio.  The game was created in Unity, and will soon be ported to HTML5.  The team has already released this google play version as well as a free chrome app.  Snake Game is being released in China just in time for the Chinese New Year.  It is meant to reflect the water snake traditions while blending retro gaming design.

If you've ever been in a chinese buffet, then you can't miss the golden Buddha at the front, next to the golden rabbit, etc.  These statues usually have coins laying around, which are gifts from those looking for luck and fortune.  While americans think this to be casual superstition, the chinese take this very seriously and have been doing so for centuries.  It's always a good idea to give to charity and in this case, animal totems that each of us are said to emulate.  Check out your own zodiac animal sign and see if this year will be a good one.

There are many sites with less-then-accurate information about these things, but seek out accurate information.  It may just be the best year of your life!  Each animal sign has an element associated with it, so be sure and find yours for greater insight.  The 2013 year of the snake will bring great luck to those with fire as their lucky element.  Be sure and find your animal sign and lucky element on this chinese fortune site.

About SnakeGameStation
What does this have to do with video games?  We live in a mobile, connected world and are inundated with apps and interactive gadgets.  It's time to use these as a way of truly relaxing, instead of being frazzled and stressed out.  Casual games have become more and more of a way to unwind and stimulate the mind.  This snake game may just do that and more – the developers hope to bring the water snake luck to the masses.  This particular year wont return for another 60 years so make it count!