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yeauONSTYLE Announces New Coverage and Projects for 2013


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- Style is a grander topic than fashion, which seeks to transcend trends and eschew norms in favor of the individualistic and outstanding. Unusual combinations, the blending of new and old, and the development of a personal palette are all hallmarks of style, and yeauONSTYLE is one of the newest Canadian authorities on the subject. The blog is going strong, wafter garnering lots of attention in 2012 from consumers and industry experts.

Last year the blog received three nominations at the Ninjamatics Canadian Weblog Awards, and is moving forward this year with unprecedented access to a calendar of major fashion events including World MasterCard Fashion Week and Montreal Fashion Week. The site is also planning to feature more collaborative photography projects, featuring unique styles and trend-setters that will keep regular readers ahead of the curve in 2013.

The work already on the blog testifies to the idea that one must live style to fully appreciate it, with a hybrid of personal insights and posts featuring major figures from the world of fashion, including news items that feature an expert analysis from an industry insider. The site makes full use of social media integration, which regularly updated Instragam and Pinterest feeds, and a featured Twitter feed at the top of the site keeping the bite sized insights flowing regularly amid larger updates.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “Yvette is a style blogger and a true individual, who defies expectations and conventions in a way that really speaks in a unique voice on Toronto fashion. The content she creates has gained her a solid and continually expanding readership who appreciates the degree to which she expresses her individual self as part of her style, thereby encouraging her readers to do the same. Her expertise and experience make a sort of virtual guru, a style spirit-guide for the 21st century Canadian woman looking to find and express her individual sense of self through style. Like a sculptor finding beauty in formless rock, her words and insights help people strip away the excesses of fashion and culture to the essence of their own expression.”

About yeauONSTYLE
yeauONSTYLE is the personal style blog of Yvette Yo, a styling, brand and image consultant, and photographer from Toronto Canada. The blog looks at fashion through the perspective of style, including those who innovate their own original style and aiming to challenge the norm with examples from the cutting edge. For more information please visit: