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YeeKit 4.0 Was Officially Released by GTCOM with Updated Features


Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2016 -- The Conference of China Language Service Industry and Translators Association of China was held from December 23rd to 24th, 2016, gathering guests from varied industries. Zhang Xiaodan, Vice President of Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (GTCOM) attended the conference, releasing the YeeKit 4.0 language toolkit. The release of YeeKit 4.0 represents the professional, intelligent, standard and scalable development of GTCOM on machine translation technology, indicating its global leading language service ability.

Zhang Xiaodan mentioned at the release conference that YeeKit has been updated with more customized services and special designs for project managers (PMs) and translators. For example, the modules of team, project and TMs managements have been refined to meet PMs' needs for tracking project progress and overseeing the workflow, achieving efficient management of translators. Another important improvement is on the translators' side—YeeKit 4.0 added practical features such as corpus accumulation and intelligent reminders, along with common functions including automatic checking; additionally, machine translation and the real-time online TM accumulation tool have been included for the first time, satisfying all the needs of translators. The newly added functions have improved the quality of machine translation and allowed PMs and translators to save time and energy for essentials instead of trivia. This will help translators feel the sense of accomplishment at work and create value for the translation industry.

The release of Yeekit 4.0, the professional, efficient and user-friendly platform that is open to global translators for free, attracted numerous industry partners. Preliminary cooperation intentions were made between GTCOM and a majority of the attendees after the conference. In the future, GTCOM will make joint efforts with more industry partners across the world in realizing the ultimate goal of building a diversified language ecosystem.

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