Yellow Letters Complete

Yellow Letters Complete Offers a Service That Resonates with Millennials

Wisconsin-based Company Offers Direct Mail Marketing that Elicits Positive Reactions from Millennial Generation


Hurley, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2016 -- In an age where so much of our lives is rooted in technology, sometimes the old adage rings true "the old ways are the best ways." This is especially true in certain business aspects, where the human touch, the human element, is key. Oftentimes a face to face interaction can generate a much more positive response than a phone call or a video conference. Nowhere is this understood and respected more than at Yellow Letters Complete, where their direct mail marketing technique is unrivalled in the United States. More and more, millennials are responding positively to the time it takes to compose a handwritten letter, and business owners everywhere are the beneficiaries.

With increasing frequency, so-called experts are hard at work trying to figure out how to approach millennial consumers. Although the definition of millennials can vary from person to person, most pundits agree that those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s are part of the millennial generation. Fast casual eateries such as Blaze and Panera have tapped into the food desires of young consumers, and Yellow Letters Complete is likewise working hard to help businesses attract the millennial generation. Simply put, a letter in a handwritten envelope denotes a special care, an attention to detail that is widely appreciated. From the nostalgia it evokes in older generations, to the awe it inspires in younger generations, handwritten letters and hand addressed envelopes make a definitive positive impact.

"It is a fascinating challenge, finding a way to connect with Millennials. This generation has its own fascinations, and it appears we have hit the mark with our handwritten envelopes," explained company owner Zach Braunel. Yellow Letters Complete is a company that does things the old fashioned way. Ultimately, the handwritten letter harkens back to another time – a time when things were simpler, people were kinder, and life had an ease to it.

About Yellow Letters Complete
Yellow Letters Complete was founded in 2006 and has grown into one of the largest hand-addressed envelope service providers in the world. They help grow businesses with direct mail marketing by mailing letters in hand addressed envelopes to targeted mailing lists. Yellow Letters Complete employs a team of over 60 individuals and mails out over one million hand addressed envelopes yearly. They offer yellow letters, letterhead letters, letters with a hand-signed wet-ink signature, postcards and targeted mailing lists in an easy to use, turnkey system. By using invitation style envelopes hand addressed by real people, Yellow Letters Complete is able to generate more responses from a targeted mailing list than traditional direct mail marketing methods.