Yellow Letters Complete

Yellow Letters Complete Puts Marketing on Auto-Pilot to Save Businesses Time and Money

Direct Mail Marketing Company Helps Businesses Generate Revenue with a Customizable Touch


Hurley, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- As is widely known by anyone who has ever run a business or been an integral part of the marketing process, getting the company name in front of potential clients (as well as existing ones) is essential. It's a must-do that no one really questions. However, just putting one's brand out there simply isn't enough. There are two additional components that are key. Frequency and customization. For over a decade, Yellow Letters Complete has been proving these methods to be highly effective by helping businesses all over the globe truly stand out and generate revenue.

Marketing is more effective the more times a person sees a message and Yellow Letters Complete offers an affordable and efficient solution that can drive up sales through its auto-pilot program. Say, for example, one has a list of 500 (or 5000!) names, and wants to send 6 letters to each person on that list. Yellow Letters sets up direct mail marketing campaigns so that letters are generated automatically and sent out on a recurring schedule of choice. And, if a lead starts responding, they can be easily removed from the list.

Of course, frequency by itself isn't enough. Customization is also integral to the process. Without a personal touch, potential customers and existing ones alike feel as if they're just another number. That's why each letter that goes out automatically can be completely unique – whether it's the envelope letter, the ink color, or even a flashy postcard. Best of all, each letter is created using Yellow Letters Complete's trademark – hand addressed envelopes and hand-signed wet ink signatures.

"Yellow Letters Complete is a truly valuable marketing resource because it understands that its customers have a lot on their plate and need ways to increase income without sacrificing their time and energy on tedious tasks. Customization coupled with auto-pilot marketing campaigns makes the process of getting new business as simple, painless, and smooth as can be. Automatic has never been more personal," shared company owner Zach Braunel.

About Yellow Letters Complete
Yellow Letters Complete was founded in 2006 and has grown into one of the largest hand-addressed envelope service providers in the world. They help grow businesses with direct mail marketing by mailing letters in hand addressed envelopes to targeted mailing lists. Yellow Letters Complete employs a team of over 60 individuals and mails out over one million hand addressed envelopes yearly. They offer yellow letters, letterhead letters, letters with a hand-signed wet-ink signature, postcards and targeted mailing lists in an easy to use, turnkey system. By using invitation style envelopes hand addressed by real people, Yellow Letters Complete is able to generate more responses from a targeted mailing list than traditional direct mail marketing methods.