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Yes Pleaze Buy My House Buys Distressed Property for Cash


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2017 -- There are times when people feel completely stuck because they are unable to sell their distressed or ugly property no matter even if they pay hundreds of dollars commission to the broker. But, YES PLEAZE SELL MY HOUSE has made this task completely hassle-free, and now people can easily sell their house to this service that pays in cash.

"Yes! Selling distressed or ugly property is a huge hassle and especially if you want to sell it urgently. We have observed so many people getting stressed about how they will ever be able to sell their ugly property for cash within a few days only. But now, people can simply come to us because what we do is we buy houses from motivated sellers that are in need to sell their house fast. WE PAY CASH!! Selling a distressed house has never been this easy because we do not charge any hidden charges of any commission. So, if you have any property that you want to sell immediately, you can simply come to us and we will make this possible for you", stated the spokesperson of YES PLEAZE BUY MY HOUSE.

There are several different situations that people face due to which they want to urgently sell their property. Situations like maybe they are going through a divorce or dealing with a foreclosure, they may have a distressed property or an ugly house that is not gaining the attention of the prospect buyers, or they have inherited the property or they are simply a tired landlord. No matter what the situation the seller is going through, YES PLEAZE is always ready to purchase any property for cash.

Though there are several similar services available in the Arizona, there are only a few in the Phoenix area that is completely reliable and purchases the property in its "as-is" condition. Yes! With this service, the seller does not have to pay for any repairs or have to handle any kind of paperwork because the expert team of YES PLEAZE handles everything professionally by themselves.

"At YES PLEAZE, we are homeowners and we will treat you the same way we'd want to be treated if selling our house. We wouldn't do business with you if we wouldn't do it with ourselves", as stated by YES PLEAZE.

PLEAZE BUY MY HOUSE, Inc. is a popular home-buying service that buys distressed and ugly houses at reasonable prices and pays cash within 7 to 10 days. For further details, please go to