YESCiGS Launch New E-Cigarette Brand in UK Market with Monthly Promotions and Discounts


Loughton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- Since the smoking ban came into effect in the United Kingdom many smokers have been looking for a way around it, and it may be that the inventiveness of industry in addressing this need that has changed the nature of smoking forever. E-Cigarettes are steadily growing in popularity, and YESCiGS is a new brand that is aimed at aggressively expanding its market share through the use of regular promotions and deals.

The company is currently offering an electronic cigarette starter kit for new customers at an all time low price. They also regularly create bundle deals on cartomizers and accessories for existing users, encouraging them to use the cigarette to spread the brand identity among other e-cigarette smokers.

All YESCiGS electronic cigarettes, including disposable e-cigs, glow with a blue LED on inhalation to prevent confusion in smoking ban enforced areas.

The website includes a savings calculator which shows the average price of regular cigarettes versus the e cigarette, allowing the economics to make a powerful argument to make the switchover.

A spokesperson for YESCiGS explained, “The electronic cigarette really is the future of smoking, and for a lot of good reasons. On a personal level, the electronic cigarette can deliver the same nicotine hit that a regular cigarette does, while not requiring the use of tar as a delivery mechanism, preserving the health of the lungs. The vapour is odorless and therefore causes less of an inconvenience to nearby nonsmokers, and the product can be used in areas where a smoking ban is enforced, circumventing restrictions. It also doesn’t stain teeth or affect breath. These are just some of the reasons people are turning to e-cigarettes as a replacement to ordinary cigarettes. Our brand focuses on the smoking experience so users no longer crave traditional cigarettes. However we also have a close eye on the economics of smoking which is traditionally expensive, which is why we sell at market leading prices and run regular aggressive promotions.”

YESCiGS electronic cigarette is a battery powered inhaler that delivers a realistic smoking experience and satisfies nicotine cravings in the form of a light vapour instead of physical smoke. Users can still enjoy ‘smoking’ without worrying about cancerous toxins associated with conventional tobacco products. Their extensive range of products include a variety of kits in different sizes and styles. Disposable e-cigs are also available for those who simply wish to try out an electronic cigarette for the first time. There is no better time to switch to YESCiGS. For more information, please visit: