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YESnick Vision Center Offers the Only Virtual Driving Simulator in Las Vegas

The Virtual Driving Essentials simulator is the ultimate way to teach teens and adults all the critical skills for safe driving, now available for patients with Low Vision.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2017 -- YESnick Vision Center and their Las Vegas AAA Driving Academy are proud to provide the only driver's training center in Nevada that teaches patents with Low Vision using this unique technology. Highly experienced instructors use revolutionary virtual driving technology and leading-edge cars to teach safe driving for everyone. Dr. Yesnick and his team offer expert instruction for visually impaired patients, new drivers, and seniors who require re-education before returning to the driver's seat.

The Virtual Driving Essentials simulator Virtual Driving Essentials simulator is the ultimate way to teach teens and adults all the critical skills for safe driving. The simulator uses superior graphics to mimic the design of a real car, with signals, brake and gas pedals, dashboard and windshield wipers. It replicates a range of real-life scenarios during different weather conditions, traffic conditions, and times of day – within a secure, controlled environment. People confront complex road hazards in order to develop better awareness, defensive driving techniques, and rapid decision-making skills. Behind the virtual wheel, drivers can practice parallel parking, hydroplaning and general handling of a vehicle before hitting the road.

YESnick Vision Center matches low vision patients with the ideal visual aid for their personal needs. According to Nevada State law, drivers can use visual aids on the road as long as they meet specific conditions. For example, the driver must have a minimum of 20/40 vision when viewing through the telescopic device; a minimum of 20/120 vision is required when viewing through the carrier lens. In addition, the driver must have a stable visual deficiency and pass a comprehensive road test to verify that he or she is capable of using the low vision device, such as bioptic telescopic glasses, while operating a car. At the AAA Driving Academy, visually impaired drivers can utilize the virtual driving simulator to practice driving with bioptics, until they are comfortable to transition to a real car.

"With our advanced vision aids and revolutionary technology to teach safe driving," says Dr. David Yesnick, "it is possible for people with visual impairments to be safe and legal to drive!"

YESnick Vision Center is the first optometric practice in Nevada to offer Virtual Driving Essentials for the benefit of visually impaired people who want to drive safely and independently.

AAA Driving Academy is the most comprehensive driving school service in Las Vegas, offering the following services:

- Classroom Instruction by DMV certified Driving Instructors
- Driving Permits
- Driver's Licenses (New Drivers, Visually Impaired Drivers)
- Senior Driver Re-Education
- Driving Computer Simulator Training (Unique In Las Vegas)
- Behind the Wheel Driver's Training (Using Las Vegas' Safest Car)
- DMV Services

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