Yet Another Fiverr Success Story, Serpify

Creative Team Meets on Fiverr and Designs an Ultimate Solution for High Quality Traffic


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2014 -- Serpify, a breakthrough solution to improve ranking and generate high quality traffic was designed by an enthusiastic team that consists of Justin Smith, Roshan Sethia and Marco Giacinti. All of them have actively used as a medium to offer their professional, technical and creative services. While Justin's focus has always been creative marketing services, Roshan has offered PHP development services and Marco offers C# development services. has been a blessing for the Serpify team, it has served as a means to connect this team and help them join forces in to what is now known as Serpify. “Roshan and I have worked together for a couple of years now. We met in 2011 on Fiverr and have since founded multiple software and service ventures. When people think “social networking” they think Facebook and Twitter, but we’ve learned it’s platforms like that truly connect productive folks like us”, says Justin Smith, co-founder of Serpify.

Roshan and Justin approached Marco who then revamped the entire user interface and rebuilt their Windows client application from the ground up. As a result, the team has created a super light weight traffic crowd sourcing application that blows HitLeap out of the water in terms of system resource usage and traffic quality. The app is incomparable when it comes to usability, functionality and performance. “I really enjoy working in a remote team environment. Even working from different countries, we’ve managed to work more productively than most teams in an office environment. Sure, it becomes essential at some point in every relationship to meet in person, and that’s why Justin hopped a 16 hour flight to Mumbai”, says Roshan.

“You really don’t need the overhead of an office these days. I believe Fiverr has played a large role in the evolution of working remotely. It’s because of sites like Fiverr that ideas like Serpify come to life”, adds Roshan. Serpify is a result of commitment and dedication to design a tool which is not just a tool but a perfect cloud-delegated crowdsourced traffic solution. “It’s bittersweet. Fiverr takes 20% of every gig, us workers get $4 of every $5 spent. But when you think about it, they’re doing the marketing, they’re getting us the customers. That 20% is an investment, an investment that’s paid off for me many times over”, says Marco Giacinti.

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Serpify, based at Orlando, Florida is a professional SEO software company that helps websites, blogs and other online businesses improve their search engine ranking positions by simulating authentic organic CTR traffic leveraging real residential IPs. SERPIFY is a cloud-delegated crowdsourced traffic exchange solution designed by Justin Smith, Roshan Sethia and Marco Giacinti.