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Yifannuo International Trade Co Specializes in Producing Quality Protective Workwear

YiFanNuo International Trade Co focuses on manufacturing a wide range of workwear that safeguards the entire body while working in hazardous work conditions or situations.


Binhai, Tianjin -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- A large proportion of blue collar workers and employees throughout the world often finds themselves working in conditions where there is a high possibility of their getting injured or suffering bodily injuries. Every year, many laborers and workers get injured almost grievously that more often than not cripples them for a lifetime resulting in a loss of sometimes the most vital source of income. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of such avoidable work-related accidents and mishaps happen due to employers' apathetic attitude and not supplying defensive workwear to their employees. YiFanNuo International is a well-known Chinese firm that is committed to designing and producing clothing and gear including flame resistant coveralls that offer a basic level of protection to the worker.

YiFanNuo has for many years now engaged in manufacturing an extensive range of specialized workwear that serve as foolproof protective garments safeguarding the worker in every possible way while he or she is working in perilous conditions. These clothing and gear safeguard the laborer from radioactive rays, corrosive materials, hazardous chemicals, inflammable products, and so on and so forth. YiFanNuo has carved and cemented its reputation in manufacturing superlative grades of flame retardant workwear, safety helmets, protective glasses and visors, latex rubber gloves, welding gloves, latex laced rubber gloves, Nitrile gloves, PVC dots gloves, safety shoes, ear muffs, ear puffs, and customized industrial protection safety goggles.

The anti-static workwear the company fabricates take in the best grade of cotton textile and the firm can vouch the efficacy of this product. The anti-static garment is not only highly flame resistant or retardant but also very breathable at the same time. Additionally, the product does not shrink even after it is subjected to regular washing or rinsing. The antistatic sleeve is compatible for both the sexes and weighs 220GSM and can be worn throughout the year. This garment finds extensive applications in the oil mining and refining industries, chemical industry, electronics industry, fire safety departments, optical instruments sector, precision instruments industry, and so on.

The flame retardant workwear is available in a wide spectrum of sizes including small, medium, large, extra large (XL), XXL, and XXXL sizes. The company can supply this protective workwear in a color of the buyer's choosing or preference. Alternatively, YiFanNuo can print a logo or emblem exactly as per the specifications of the clients. The firm has two large factories one each in Tianjin and Hebei and in both these units, the latest fabrication methods are used for production. Each and every product coming out of the assembly lines goes through stringent quality control checks to ensure that the finished or delivered item is of unquestionable quality. YiFanNuo supplies its products to large multinational companies throughout the world at rates that are competitive and cannot be matched by other similar competitors.

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YiFanNuo International Trade Co strives to manufacture premium grade of a diverse range of protective workwear from tip to toe.

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