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YinYang Golf Launches New Sand Wedge with Unique Design to Resolve Toughest Shots in Golf

YinYang Golf Clubs has created a new design for the golf wedge, shaping the head of the club to provide a motion that provides great results with no change in swing technique.


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Hitting a bunker is one of the most frustrating events in a game of golf. Successfully getting a ball out of the bunker requires a complete switch in technique, using something akin to a stabbing motion to try and pitch the ball out of the sand. This can not only prove difficult to master, but switching gears like this can throw off the individual's game for several shots. YinYang Golf Clubs claims to have invented a solution, with an innovative new sand wedge that enables golfers to use normal technique and still achieve the desired result.

The unique design of YY58 encourages the club-head to dig and slide simultaneously allowing golfers to extract the ball from the sand without having to alter the swing.

During testing, the company has found if the club is swung as a normal shot, the results are highly consistent, enabling players to create a greater sense of continuity throughout their game, with less thought and technique required for this previously specialist shot.

A spokesperson for YinYang Golf explained, "We are thrilled that after hundreds of hours of product design and development, we have come up with a rigorously tested solution to one of the oldest challenges in golf. We understand that enjoyment of the game is paramount, and that bunker shots really can turn golf into a good walk ruined. Our new club is providing a novel solution, and one that we think will be embraced by professionals and amateurs alike. For people who would like to know more they can shop YinYang Golf clubs here."

About YinYang Golf
YinYang Golf have a desire is to make the game of golf more enjoyable through experiencing better results in the game itself. Founders Ben Hood & Paul Buchanan, Golf Coaches and the designer of the club, designed their flagship product to help resolve the bunker golf game so many players have trouble with.

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