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YMC America, Inc. Provides a Multitude of Superior Glass Columns for Prep-Scale LC


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2018 -- YMC America, Inc. continues to provide innovative products for those looking to buy HPLC column packing material and other high-quality liquid chromatography products by offering a wide variety of high-quality glass columns.

Their glass ECO columns are used for a majority of soft gel and low-pressure liquid chromatography applications, with a pressure limit of 10 to 30 bar, depending on the diameter. Customers can choose between solvent resistant (SR version) and aqueous-only (AB version) types, one or two adjustable length plungers, as well as water-jacketed options upon request.

Also available are YMC's ECOPLUS glass columns, which are multi-purpose columns that utilize height adjustable plungers at both ends, and are rated at pressure limits of 30 to 80 bar. These columns feature a "Quick-Lock" connection system that allows the user to open and seal columns both quickly and easily.

YMC America, Inc. also provides glass pilot columns. These columns are specifically made for use in pilot and production scale applications using aqueous buffers (AB version) or organic solvents (SR version) with a pressure limit of 1 to 16 bar (dependent upon column geometry. This versatility allows them to work with all common modes of chromatography including normal phase and reversed phase, as well as ion-exchange chromatography.

Interested parties can read up on the specifications of these glass columns, as well as buy normal phase HPLC columns, by visiting www.ymcamerica.com online. Customers can speak with a representative from YMC America, Inc. by calling 888-341-8380.

About YMC America, Inc.
YMC America, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of YMC Co. Ltd. (established in 1980). YMC America, Inc. sells and supports YMC liquid chromatography products and offers application assistance, purification services, and method development.

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