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YMC America Introduces Minichrom™ BioPro Columns for Method Development, Purification, and Resin Screening in Biomolecule Separation Applications


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2020 -- Minichrom™ BioPro Columns are polypropylene LC columns filled with YMC BioPro IEX stationary phase material. The columns are ideal for use in various bench-scale purification, cleanup, and method development applications involving biomolecules.

Minichrom™ BioPro Columns are available in a range of inner diameters and bed lengths to accommodate various scales and sample sizes. The BioPro IEX resins used in the columns may be either quaternary amino SAX (BioPro Q) or sulfobutyl SCX (BioPro S).

Packed with 20, 30, or 75-micron IEX particles, Minichrom™ BioPro columns are useful for:

- Bench-scale resin screening and method development
- Bench-scale sample screening
- Bench-scale sample prep/cleanup
- Bind-and-recover sample purification
- Flow-through purification

YMC BioPro Q is a strong anion exchanger (SAX), and YMC BioPro S is a strong cation exchanger (SCX). These phases are suitable for IEX separations of nucleotides, nucleosides, peptides, mAbs and other antibodies, intact proteins, and other biomolecules.

- Regardless of flow rate, YMC BioPro phases display high dynamic binding capacity (DBC).
- YMC BioPro demonstrates superior resolution, low nonspecific adsorption (secondary interactions), and high recovery.
- YMC BioPro is useful for biomolecule purifications due to its high loadability and excellent recovery characteristics.

No special LC hardware is needed. Minichrom™ BioPro Columns use 1/16 inch tubing with finger-tight 10-32 female fittings. The maximum working pressure is 30 bar (435 psi). Any low-pressure pump or MPLC system will perform well, as will most typical HPLC systems.

YMC BioPro 20, 30, and 75-micron materials are extremely durable — with the quaternary amino or sulfobutyl phase bonded to a sturdy polymer base particle. BioPro is stable at any pH from 2-12 and is suitable for rigorous cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedures.

The polypropylene column can be used at any pH (1-14) and is compatible with aqueous buffers and organic solvents. However, avoid the use of halogenated solvents and hexane.

Minichrom™ BioPro Columns can be cleaned, stored, and re-used in different applications.

Minichrom™ is a trademark of Repligen Corporation.

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