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YMC BioPro SmartSep Ideal for Fast Purification of Biomolecules


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2019 -- A two-page brochure from YMC describes YMC BioPro SmartSep Q/S columns and media.

BioPro IEX SmartSep is available as a strong anion exchanger (BioPro SmartSep Q) or a strong cation exchanger (BioPro SmartSep S). Both material types are based on a hydrophilic polymer with low nonspecific adsorption, are designed for capture and intermediate purification of proteins and nucleotides over a wide range of flow rates.

High dynamic binding capacity (DBC) and high recovery allow fast large-scale purification processes. These media offer high productivity for industrial purification and polishing of peptides, proteins, and nucleotides, including biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies.

BioPro SmartSep shows high resolution and recovery, even at high flow rates and high loading conditions. The material is available in 30 micron particle size for industrial processes and 10 micron particle size for higher resolution purification.

SmartSep columns are made from PEEK and are offered in a variety of column sizes.

The brochure includes example comparisons of dynamic binding capacity (DBC), resolution, and recovery.

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