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YMC Triart Columns Described in New 24-Page Brochure


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2019 -- A twenty-four-page brochure from YMC describes YMC-Triart columns for HPLC (5 and 3 µm) and UHPLC (1.9 µm).

YMC-Triart is YMC's well-known family of hybrid particle HPLC columns and bulk stationary phases. There are nine distinct YMC-Triart stationary phases with overlapping selectivity characteristics. All of the YMC-Triart phases are available in a variety of particle sizes, packed in columns suitable for UHPLC, HPLC, and various preparative applications. YMC-Triart phases are also offered in bulk kilogram quantities.

The base material for YMC-Triart is a next-generation organic/inorganic hybrid silica. Stationary phases based on this material exhibit high mechanical strength (helpful under the higher pressures typical in UHPLC), elevated temperature (a variable that can improve peak shape and overall separation quality, especially with biomolecules), and high or low pH (arguably the most useful variable used by chromatographers to control separation behavior).

The 24-page YMC-Triart brochure covers – in some detail – the five traditional reversed phase stationary phases (C18, C18 ExRS, C8, Phenyl, PFP) and YMC-Triart Dilol-HILIC. Also part of the YMC-Triart family, but covered separately, are two wide-pore reversed phase materials designed for separation of larger biomolecules (Bio C18, and Bio C4) as well as YMC-Triart SIL (a bare silica stationary phase for normal phase chromatography and SFC).

The overlapping selectivity characteristics of the YMC-Triart phases provide the chromatographer with a strong first step in separation optimization – i.e., which column to use for a given separation. The breadth of conditions that can be applied to any of the YMC-Triart phases – in terms of pressure, temperature, and pH – provides the chromatographer with additional freedom to choose the conditions required by the separation, instead of juggling the limitations imposed by the stationary phase.

In addition to columns for analytical scale separations, YMC-Triart is also offered in the highly regarded Actus series of axial compression prep scale columns.

The brochure provides documentation of various applications developed to demonstrate YMC-Triart durability, chemical stability, and long column lifetime. Sample chromatograms compare the performance of YMC-Triart phases to each other and also to other stationary phases – for basic, acidic, and coordination compounds.

As an aid to column selection, the brochure begins with general column selection criteria, and later includes chromatograms of sample mixtures specifically prepared to demonstrate selectivity properties.

View the full downloadable copy of the brochure here.

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