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YMC-Triart Guard Columns for HPLC and UHPLC Chromatography


Devens, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2021 -- Guard columns offer important functions in liquid chromatography. Guard columns protect the analytical column from contamination or damage, resulting in longer column life.

In the process of method development, irreversible retention of some sample components can occur. When a guard column is used, the problem occurs at the guard column, thus protecting the analytical column.

For routine analyses, in addition to helping minimize problems associated with chemistry (i.e., retained compounds), guard columns can also help minimize the impact of physical issues at the head of the analytical column, such as a clogged frit or voiding at the column inlet.

Analytical columns with clogged frits and/or voiding can often be restored with techniques such as reverse flow flushing.

Analytical columns with unwanted retained components can often be restored by cleaning in place (CIP) with a strong solvent. When effective, restoring the performance of a guard column is typically faster and easier than restoring the performance of an analytical column.

It should be noted that reverse-flushing and CIP are time-consuming, and not always completely successful. For this reason, guard columns are designed to be low-cost items that are easily replaced with a minimum of system downtime.

For best performance, the stationary phase and column diameter of the guard column should closely match that of the analytical column. YMC-Triart is a family of stationary phases based on a hybrid base particle and is offered in nine distinct and overlapping phase chemistries — as well as multiple particle sizes. YMC-Triart itself demonstrates excellent tolerance to high pressure, high and low pH, and elevated temperatures.

In addition to a wide selection of stationary phase chemistries, YMC-Triart columns are available in a wide selection of diameters and separation scales: capillary LC, UHPLC, HPLC, Semi-Prep, and Prep. YMC offers guard column solutions for all of them.

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