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YMC Website Now Offers Guidance for Bioseparation Choices


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2019 -- Decisions surrounding choices for optimizing LC separations of biomolecules can be confusing, with the pros and cons regarding the variety of choices sometimes overlapping. In response to this, YMC has developed a new feature on its website, wherein their stationary phase options for bioseparations are gathered.

Using monoclonal antibodies as an example, Jeffrey Kakaley, YMC's Applications and Marketing Manager, pointed out, "Most LC separations involving biomolecules fall into one of four main chromatographic modes: reversed phase, ion exchange, size exclusion, and hydrophobic interaction – that's four different mechanisms. Our goal was to make it easier for our bio-focused customers to find the correct column for their separation by winnowing out the choices that aren't pertinent, and then presenting the correct options, along with supporting data and example chromatograms."

A new webpage for Biomolecule Separations page is on the YMC website:

The web content begins by organizing the separation possibilities by MODE: IEX/HIC, Size Exclusion, and Reversed-Phase. From there, the various choices for stationary phases are laid out. YMC offers columns, bulk material/resin, and screening kits. Analytical scale separations, and scale-up to prep, are supported.

Typical applications include mAbs, intact proteins, peptide mapping, nucleotides, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), oligosaccharides, and other biomolecules.

YMC offers several product types that are optimized for bioseparations, including BioPro Ion Exchange columns, BioPro Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) columns, YMC-Pack Diol-SEC (including a Diol-SEC MAB product optimized for resolving mAb aggregates and fragments), and a broad array of reversed phase columns (including wide-pore types specifically for biomolecules).

YMC application examples are included throughout and serve to guide users to the optimal choice(s) based on the application.

Visit https://www.ymcamerica.com/ymc-biomolecule-separations/ now and browse the variety of information.
Also contact: info@ymcamerica.com; call 888-341-8380.