Yo Sox Launches Latest Selection in Honor of Widespread Christmas Tradition

This and other efforts are aimed at fostering the giving spirit of the holidays, publishes yo-sox.ca


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- Dating back as far as Saint Nicholas himself, Christmas stockings rank among the most widely upheld traditions of the holiday season. While the types of gifts used to fill them have evolved over the years, often reflecting pop culture of each era as well as personal preferences of recipients, many gifters offer the sentiment of unending warmth and comfort via a pair of socks in stockings created for loved ones. With this convention in mind, Yo Sox spokesperson Nima Nassirian has launched the company's latest selection of crazy socks.

Said Nassirian, "We offer a vast selection of more than 300 unique, cool socks for men, women and children alike. Our inventory covers countless interests from animals, mythological creatures and marine life to an assortment of rainbow stripes and random patterns. Our new releases include the UFO invasion themed variety and the morning-inspired sunny-side-up egg design. Shoppers are sure to find something for everyone whether approaching gift giving from a practical standpoint, aiming for a deeper meaning or simply looking for something a little more interesting than the standard department store selection. We've also got a few special offers in store for the holiday season."

Among those presentations is the company's signature sock of the month club. Customers may choose to send someone a single pair of socks each month for six months or up to three pairs monthly for a full year with complimentary pairs offered for 12-month enrollments. Free shipping is granted for orders in this category as well as those exceeding $30.

Keeping with the spirit of the Christmas season, Yo Sox has additionally teamed up with Feeding America to provide meals for the less fortunate. The company has vowed to purchase one meal for a person in need for each pair of socks sold. Purchases will prompt donations to the greater than 200 food banks within the Feeding America network. The organization is geared toward preventing hunger for children, families and senior citizens in need.

Concluded Nassirian, "Our socks are wonderful standalone gifts, but they're also wonderful stocking stuffers and perfect additions to gift baskets. With Christmas Eve Night packages becoming more popular, they could be included with unique Christmas pajamas, hot cocoa packages and movies to round out this specially themed item. They could even be used as fun, but functional, ornaments for individual gift trees. We're proud to be part of a widespread tradition while helping foster the efforts of the country's largest domestic hunger relief organization."

About Yo Sox
With an inventory of more than 300 types of unique, colorful, crazy and cool socks for everyone, Yo Sox offers single pairs, bundles and an exclusive sock of the month club.