Yofam.com Launches a New Chat Messenger with Unique Features

This messenger is an ideal alternative for those who seek privacy


Falmouth, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2016 -- There are many chat messengers that can be used on mobile devices. Each of these is equipped with several features that are meant to enhance their usage. However, most of the users look for privacy whilst using such services. For all those who wish for a feasible alternative that allows them to control many features with just a few clicks, the Yofam messenger can be considered at http://yofam.com/.

For people who wish to be in touch with their friends online and share their experiences with the help of audio and video files, Yofam is believed to be a good alternative. It allows them to be cut off from the chat messenger whenever the user wishes to be away from the phone. The 'last seen' time can also be set by the user so that there is no obligation for an immediate reply.

Another important feature of this messenger is that users can delete messages from their as well as their friends' mobile phones. It has been so designed that those messages which are not required can be deleted from the server for good. There are many such features such as posting pictures in timeline and sharing them with friends, etc, which can be put to good use once this project is financially backed.

The website says, "Whenever we use a chat messenger, it is easy for others to know our status and whether or not we are online. This makes it difficult for us to ignore any messages and it becomes a compulsion to reply to them immediately. With our new messenger, you can choose to be away from your phone whenever you wish it. It is a very easy solution that can help you avoid online stalking."

To obtain more information about the services, visit http://yofam.com/.

About yofam.com
The website claims that they are inviting backers and donations for their current project. They are said to require £25,000 by 2nd March, 2016 so as to make this messenger viable to users. They are a team of experts who invent products that make it easier to use various software, apps, etc. Details of their project can be perused at the aforementioned website. They have an online contact form as well for any queries.

Media Contact

Adel Melanin, Founder/ CEO
Contact Number: +447575225333
Email: Adel@yofam.com
URL: http://yofam.com/