This Is Rosemary

An Innovative New Design for a Yoga Bag from This Is Rosemary

This is Rosemary’s new Mala Yoga Duffle provides several design innovations that make it easier for yoga practitioners to carry everything they need to the studio or fitness center.


Castle Rock, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2012 -- Good news for yogis: you no longer have to carry your mat, clothing, towels and accessories in separate bags! The Mala Yoga Duffle provides an innovative design, making it easy to combine and carry everything you need in a single bag. Drawing on their experience in designing and manufacturing their Tote-A-Note backpacks for musicians, they took a clean sheet approach to designing a bag for yoga lovers.

After consulting with yoga studios, yoga teachers and yoga practitioners, This Is Rosemary developed a bag that specifically meets needs not addressed by current designs. This is a totally new design for this type of product. “We wanted to make sure we didn’t just copy someone else with a couple of minor changes, but really rethought the product” says Tim Kilzer, CEO of This Is Rosemary. After numerous initial consultations and follow up discussions on prototypes, he is very confident that the Mala Yoga Duffle separates itself from the market. There is a patent pending on the design.

The Mala Yoga Duffle has separate wet and dry pockets for clothing and towels. The mat is stored and carried in a totally new manner, which allows the user to easily carry any sized mat. It is accessed by two simple clips, so you no longer have to try and shove your mat into a slot or pocket. And, since the mat is carried horizontally, the bag remains upright, ensuring all storage areas are accessible while the mat is stowed. “We also designed in smaller pockets for cell phones, wallets and ID’s along with a key snap on a lanyard for extra convenience” says Rosemary Kilzer, President of This Is Rosemary. Additionally, there are pockets on each end that can accommodate water bottles.

The bag comes in two base colors with a choice of four beautiful cover flaps. You can easily see all the designs and buy the combination you want online at